Peanut butter and maple caramel chocolate tart

The idea for this came from my love of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. I fancied making my own version but wanted to make it extra special. This recipe is super easy and you can vary the quantity of dark to milk chocolate in the ganache to suit your personal taste. I like it darker, my girlfriend likes it milky but be assured both work!

Peanut butter and maple caramel tart

Serves: 2

Time: 2 hours


As per link below

120g pure maple syrup
60g all natural peanut butter – I used Meridian Smooth which is literally just nuts, no salt, sugar or palm oil
1/2 tsp good quality of vanilla extract
Pinch of salt

Chocolate ganache:
100ml double cream
100g good quality chocolate chopped into small pieces (choose a ratio of dark (70%+ cocoa solids) to milk chocolate of your liking)


Firstly make your pastry. This hazelnut recipe I find works really well and although it’s hard to roll and keep in one piece, any patching you need to do works well. Once ready and well chilled, line two individual loose-bottomed tart tins (you can freeze any left over pastry as long as it’s not overworked), prick all over and chill again. Next use non-stick baking parchment and baking beans and blind bake at 170 degrees centigrade until cooked through but still quite pale. Remove the paper and beans and bake for a further five to 10 minutes until the base is no longer translucent. Allow to cool.

For your caramel, mix all the ingredients in a small pan and whisk all the time whilst heating until well combined. Boil for one minute whilst continuing to whisk. It will thicken really quickly so you might need to add add a drop of water to thin it a little (it should be the consistency of thick treacle). Allow to cool slightly, but pour into the tart case whilst still liquid enough that it levels in the case.

To make the ganache, heat the cream in a pan until hot but not boiling, remove from the heat and then stir in the chocolate slowly until fully melted and combined. Cool slightly and then pour over the tart and leave to cool completely. If you can, avoid refrigerating your tarts as this will cause the ganache to dull.

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